what not to buy from dollar tree

Saved me from trying them and wasting money. Have to buy a case but I know I love it so I will be stocked and I guess everyone will get one in their stockings at Christmas. Dollar Tree carries the Sunbeam brand. the only thing I do not use these in are my smoke detectors. 3. Which in my opinion the food at the time (2006ish) was not too shabby. Their toys don’t last more than one or two play sessions and are so cheaply made that you’re pretty much buying a disposable toy. That can’t be good, lol. I think they are..well, awesome. My opinions are based on what worked and didn’t work for me, I’m not expecting everyone to have the same experience. Are those good to buy? Haha thank you for this. So many people have told me about their Awesome cleaning products, I have to try them out! I’ve bought a lot of kitchen gadgets there and I’ve never had any problems course I get the name brand like the Betty Crocker for example .I feel the dollar store is a great place for people who don’t have any money . Their reasoning? Where to buy sunscreen instead: You can't get any better than the sunscreen at Trader Joe's. You can also use coupons for even more savings. I wouldn’t buy the charger cords, phone cases, or car chargers they dont last long at all and will ruin your phone quickly. Praying for you! Hey Lesa, I’m so glad to help! To put it simply, the warning is only there so they can sell thier product in California. There are toxic chemicals in all brands of products…hair, skin, shampoo, air fresheners, cleaning products ect.!! Hi, Lynette, I’m so glad that you want to get out of debt! I like the sweetners, juicie juices, hair supplies and maje up for sure. “These won’t be sharp, and dull knives can be very dangerous,” says consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch. Oh yes, we do receive from Calfresh (aka food stamps) total for both of us is $15.00 per month. You used the wrong form of your/you’re twice in this post. Also the toothpaste is made in Mexico and contains dangerous chemicals and are not approved toothpastes by the American Dental Association. tide for a dollar at the Dollar Tree, but could have purchased 60 oz. Where to buy vitamins instead: According to Healthline, the best Vitamin D supplement comes from Nature Made, which you can purchase on Amazon. When I was a young newlywed and we were just starting out, the Dollar Tree was my go-to store for home-related shopping, and I’ve always loved candles, so naturally I tried them out. And you forgot the period after your sentence. I love this cleaner, so now I have a few just in case they decide not to carry anymore. They can’t afford to go to Costco and buy in bulk which yes it does become cheaper but not for them so it just depends on who you are and what you can afford .Love the dollar store to go buy snacks for the movies you pay a dollar for the exact same candy they sell for three bucks do it’s worth it. I’m sorry it sounds that way. I LOVE the Dermasil lotion at Dollar Tree. But it needs to be in a smaller room based on the size of the candle unless you burn multiples. I put some on his leg so he would lick it off and obviously used too much. Not a child stays interested for more then a week with a toy anyways! Dollar Tree is the best store. To many, its all they can afford. I have never found the candy stale and it doesn’t break the bank to treat the children in my classes. Penny-pinch on heat protection for the kitchen and you could get burned—literally. Don’t Buy These Dollar Store Items. Love the generic lysol wipes. “Unless you have access to food reviews for these off-brand items, it’s likely one reason this food is on the dollar store shelf is because the taste is subpar to other brands in the grocery store.” Here are the things you can buy on Amazon for less than $1. This goes for plates, glasses, bowls, wineglasses, coffee mugs, etc. You raise a really good point, Katie, and I totally agree. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. At some point in the past a reseller was offering it on Amazon, but the reviewers (most of which admitted to having purchased it at the dollar store, since it's not the kind of thing you'd ever pay shipping and handling for) gave it 1.8 out of 5 stars. Love your input! Woah! I once had to buy them because my flip flops ripped on the go. I’ve purchased great deals on medicine from CVS when they have a sale, they’re offering a store coupon, and I combine that with a manufacturer coupon. According to Bodge (and most skin-care experts), SPF degrades over time, and that dollar store tube might be expired. We don’t have a Family Dollar or any stores like that in my town so I wasn’t able to check out places that price items above $1. We purchase all of our meat from Sam’s, seal it in airtight bags, and freeze it in a dedicated freezer. It works better than some of the expensive eczam lotions i have tried. Many of the food items are from the phillipines, Mexico, Vietnam I personally don’t trust the ingredients. You won’t even feel the difference, except in your wallet. I get my sharpies there, 2 or sometimes more in a pack for a buck and they work fine for me. I have read super reviews for their umbrellas, but have not seen them in store since then. Have a nice day. Thanks Rebecca! I agree with many of your sentiments but disagree about the lotion. If you read the first line of my post, you’d know that I also love the Dollar tree and frequently shop there. That’s not even a money thing as much as it is a safety thing. Can’t be good!! Doing your homework pays off. Do you not have anything more important to occupy your time?????? I recommend you go to Zurchers for balloons. Yes, I remember when DT first started and they were awesome (and still are). Yes, flip flops are the pits but for me, having not worn them since my teen years, I wondered how well I could wear them again, then in my 50’s! You want to provide your child with the best and safest products available on the market, which unfortunately means you should avoid the dollar store. I like buying the smaller chocolate name brand one there, perfect size for a small pan of brownies vs large cake . But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. But other than that, they’re a bust! Where to buy feminine products: Instead of purchasing another box of tampons, it could be a good idea to look into menstrual cups, which are reusable so you're wasting less material. And, always make sure to check your expiration dates. I agree with most of the do not buy list. Sorry you had to go through that. Haha. But there are things that I find better quality for the buck elsewhere. Our Dollar tree carries an off brand of medicines that has 40-50 pills per bottle that we occasionally buy and they are just as good as the name brand. You just have to be careful (but in all honesty, it’s a dollar, and the kiddos might like it). Where to buy toys instead: You can find a variety of kids' toys suitable for all ages at Target, including action figures, dolls, and games. Hey Karen, I’m totally with you, love the greeting cards, one of my favorite buys. Or the package says SPF 30, but it's really SPF 15. bag of carrots for $1 at the dollar store, you may be sad to hear you could have gotten a 5 lb. I normally avoid their body products other than name brand travel size ones for my purse, car and kids bags but this one is a win. Don’t buy Campbell’s Soup at Dollar Tree unless you have a coupon — it’s only $0.98 at Walmart. Double-deal! I got cute dollar general ones that are working fine. Kids toys, I dont know what kind of stuff your Dollar Tree carries because they are ALL different. Am very glad Dollar tree carries these. Toothpaste is name brand and the size is decent. The label says 4x’s the regular strength and I believe it. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. This is another per unit trick from the dollar store. They’re very cheap, not well made, and you get what you pay for,” says Shelton. These days, hand sanitizer is flying off the shelves, but don’t let fears of COVID-19 prompt you to buy a potentially dangerous product. I always wait for Walgreens to put olives in their ad for 99c or a buck. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. I buy their picture frames, cards, stocking stuffers, coloring books for the grandkids, sometimes they have a $1 DVD bin, books, red kitchen items and more. I agree about the kitchen stuff, sometimes it’s a hit or miss, but the Betty Crocker stuff that silicone is pretty good for the price. We bought the shredded cheese which was not real cheese. I LOVE the dollar tree for shopping. Writing supplies, folders, and notebooks can all be found in Target aisles. Same size, same flavor and about $.65 cheaper than wallyworld! thanks. i just want to add that dollar tree has set the standard i think for a new beginning in customer value. My dad always used Simple Green and I have found that the Awesome Orange works just as well if not better. Yes, their pot holders are super thin. “Instead, head to your local drug store and opt for the generic version to save money,” she says. It seems like such a deal. So glad I could help you avoid unnecessary purchases! They work fine for all I use batteries for. Hey Daphne, thanks for stopping by! Holy smokes! Have a great day! Yeah, you’re better off buying steaks on sale at the grocery store for a bit more. Children’s toys are actually a bit of a tossup. ? ? Hair clips, headbands and baretts are also great. Like any store there are good and bad things. “At Dollar Tree, you might find cans of soup or veggies selling for $1, though you'd find the same items priced lower at the supermarket or on Amazon,” says Doug Whiteman, editor-in-chief of the personal finance site MoneyWise.com. This list was a breath of fresh air! Faye, thanks for the tips! Pingback: 7 Pro Tips to Buy Better Quality at Ross Dress for Less - The Frugal Convert, Pingback: The Frugal Convert turns One!-Blog Anniversary - The Frugal Convert. cant say that dollar tree would hire me but fair is fair bad products can be anywhere and besides where are carrots at for 69 cent and what nutritional value do they have solo?thanks. Hardware stores will give you better quality, and products often come with lifetime guarantees, so you’ll get a free replacement if they do wear out. Don’t buy them for anyone you love. What to Buy at Dollar Tree to Save Money DOLLAR TREE DEALS on GIFT SUPPLIES. They are NOT all bad! Pingback: 17 Must Have Items You Need to Buy from the Dollar Tree - The Frugal Convert. Tampons, pads, panty liners, and feminine hygiene products, like washes, should all be purchased from a reputable store or pharmacy. So for you to post this stuff is just wrong. Why do they even sell such items? Because sadly, cancer is a thing that no one can truly pin down a cause for. Hey Terri! Want to know the best things to buy at Dollar Tree? Hey Janet, thanks for stopping by! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ? Thanks for the post Gina! Sounds like your tips are things I’ve been trying to follow when shopping at Dollar Tree or any similar stores. I’ve never seen the Dermasil brand, I’m familiar with it and I think it’s a good brand. Thanks so much Pam! It has the best taste and it only has a little bit of grease. Really? Where to buy pet food instead: You can find pet food online on Amazon, including this adult dry dog food from Pedigree. Just thought that I should point out that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to find a lotion, hair care, or other beauty product that doesn’t have a warning stating that it contains something known to the state of California to cause cancer. I’d probably do the same and fill up on it too. It really does make a difference to do your research. Agree on the batteries. There were a few others that were not as they seem. I also like the Awesome Orange Oxygenated powder. No one is writing an essay! Required fields are marked *. Mary, you hit the nail on the head, I’m in Ca! Many of them are made with harmful chemicals and the cheap quality won’t help out your hair in any way. “Food in the dollar store is often food that doesn’t sell well in other stores,” says Shelton. We all make mistakes. I’d rather try to find products with natural ingredients that may cost a little more. Where to buy school supplies instead: Take a trip to Target to buy school supplies at reasonable and inexpensive prices, like these 15 under $1 school supplies. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you missed my first post last month, you can start here. I have wasted money on their candles, not because of no fragrance, but because the wick in too many was defective or something, because I can’t get them to light about the 3rd time. Toys. No worries! Hey June, thanks for stopping by! I shop at Dollarama and Dollar Tree all the time, sometimes I will buy the product just for the container on a one time basis then refill from the big container I buy from Walmart, Costco or etc, etc. In case you were wondering, this is how dollar stores actually make money. Yup, I agree with you, corporations are looking to make the biggest output with the least cost, which most of the time means less quality. As a decorative painter, this is a perfect place for me to get my wineglasses and coffee mugs. Thanks for listening. I love that Dollar Tree, and I've shared what you should ALWAYS buy when shopping at this dollar store, BUT I don't think EVERYTHING is worth it. In fact many cleaning Items say 30% more on the packaging. Thanks for stopping by!! The stain was gone! Everything still costs $1 at Dollar Tree and 99 cents at 99 Cents Only, but prices vary at others. Hey Ed, thanks so much for stopping by! While their hair products may have a similar look and name to their national name brand counterparts, they’re far from the same quality of ingredients. DO NOT BUY THE DUCK TAPE OR MECHANICAL TAPE, IT’S CHEAP. Check the expiration date and ingredient list before you buy, then test it out on a small area to make sure your skin won’t break out or dry out. You said lotions does that include night cream from the dollar store, I didn’t see night creams there. You definitely don't want to put something in or on your body that is full of toxins. I’ve also heard not to buy their batteries because they don’t last very long but I have not tried them myself. I stock up on those and keep in kitchen and bathrooms for quick easy cleanups. Thank you for your reply, Gina. I have found excellent deals on name brand house cleaning supplies and not a one was reduced in size. My grand kids play with them all the time. Happy Wednesday Everyone! "It's hard to tell how long these products have been sitting on the shelves, and it's not worth the risk," says Bodge. Have a great day. They do it frequently, and it is even cheaper than aldi for the full size can. The Dollar Tree candles smell so good in the store, don’t they? Only negative for me is a twist top lid but hey, its awesome lotion for a buck and I haven’t found any i like better even for more money. There brand toothpaste looks like name brand but are copycats. Chances are you’re missing some of these…. Thanks so stopping by Candy! Judy, you’ve just convinced me to use the awesome cleaner! Hi Ellen, so glad you found the article helpful!! If you’re like me, you’re a deal seeker. Got your first comment Fawn, just replied. i think its wrong that we have to choose when we buy a electronic device or car or anything and we dont have enough money to buy the associated accessories tha accomodate a better customer experience with possessing the item. “Those brands are usually pulling in parts from a whole bunch of places—not always the same place,” says Shelton, “so the reliability of quality and safety can’t be as sure as from a name brand that has high standards for all parts of the materials used.” Even if you buy the same product your friend was raving about, yours might not hold up as well if the brand decided to cut corners or source materials from somewhere else. DT has really stepped up their game and I have been noticing even some nicer design covers with their paperback bibles now, too. Wow! I love those candles too. There are a few items I would recommend not purchasing there. I get all my grill tools, scraper, and cleaner there! Five Things to Avoid at the Dollar Tree. oh! I would not buy the silicone items either. Ooh, will have to check out the LED lightbulbs! Click through this gallery to find out what you should steer clear of at the dollar store, no matter how low-priced it is. Really thick and even had silicone on one side!!! It’s actually on #5 on the Dollar Tree list guide, I love the huge selection! Their pot holders are so thin, you might as well hold the hot handle or tray with a paper towel. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Maybe for YOUR area it may be true. Just don't fall for these 11 mistakes you're probably making when you try to save money. People don’t seem to be appreciative of what someone is trying to share, they always have to pick everything apart! 9. Sure, they sometimes carry brands like tide and bounce, and sometimes you’ll find Clorox wipes, but the per unit price is so much higher than if you bought the same product (but a bigger size) at Target, for example. For pete sake! I also use all the others and they last a long time too. The bags are great. Love the led light bulbs, wish they had higher than 60 watt, but if 60 wat works for you these are great. I’d love to find good candles for a buck because I use candles all the time. Its the only place I buy them! ), some things are just not worth it and should be avoided. I’ll try again to add my email to get more. The sweetened condensed milk there is not real. Crafters have a heyday in the DT. You do have to purchase more tubes, they’re smaller, but as Gina mentions, the per unit price is much better. You make it sound like there aren’t any savings in there. You must be the only person that somehow completely missed what Ginas advice is all about. Where to buy skincare products instead: There are a variety of skincare products to purchase beyond the Dollar Store, including the Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask from Boscia, available at Sephora. Not all dollar store products are priced competitively, and soda is a huge offender. Gina, thanks for your opinions! things you're not buying at Walmart but should. I hope the come out with new ones to try, but the ones they currently have burned me, literally. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do, because I really need to get out of debt. “They may use harsher alcohols, or the refinement of some of the materials into things like makeup are processed on a low budget, so they’re not refined as well for your skin,” says Shelton. Have you tried those? I use the batteries all the time. This chemical is used in a variety of personal care products. But again we love the $ Tree. We have a Dollar General store, a Family Dollar store and a Dollar Tree in our area. Aside from the fact that you get a very small portion of food that’s not fit for a family of 4 (in my case), again, the per unit price plays a huge role. ? They’re cheaply made and they don’t work very well. DONT BUY THEIR TRASH BAGS! They carry the craft mesh and great wire ribbon, jars and vases. There are some definite things to snag and a some items to pass. First of all, I AM a Dollar Tree Employee. Burned me once. ? I have researched both of these products and they are safe. And yes, you always have to know your prices because some things just aren’t a better deal. I live that strategy because you know your sales cycles, which important when you’re trying to save money. Just my personal preference, but everyone is different so I don’t expect everyone to agree. Some things are just better elsewhere, Your email address will not be published. That is someone with to much time on their hands. Their Pot holders, I use them all the time and have never had an issue! Even if you don’t have the triple-threat to save big, you can still save enough money to make it a good deal by shopping their ads. While the $1 price may be appealing, you don't truly know exactly what you're getting in generic dollar store vitamin bottles. I’ll have try out those next time. They were a good trial and though they wore out immediately, they served their purpose and I have worn (good quality) flip flops ever since! I’m very picky about lotions (smell/texture etc) and i love this stuff and stock up so I never have to be without it. I just also tried a bunch of throngs that didn’t work out so well. I also love the Coconut Oil moisturizer in the tub they sell, it smells amazing. I have yet to have one burn out, think they are supposed to cut energy use and last MANY years, 17 maybe? Gina, I came across this detailed list of yours while googling “worst items to buy at the dollar store,” since I’ve been on a dollar store kick lately. Frosting, generic one is horrible. I saw once that they had a 4oz. Skip it, skip it now…just keep on walking girl. Here’s a good article explaining exactly why some items aren’t worth buying even if they do cost a lot less….your health and that of your family’s is worth more in the long run than any short term deal. I could have used the whole bottle and wouldn’t have had enough suds. They are in tiny little mason jars. I love the Awesome Bleach Cleaner at $ Tree. I agree that if you’re on a trip, getting smaller quantities is better. Thanks for sharing your picks for shopping there!! Dollar store skin-care products are similar to dollar store vitamins—you don't know what's inside the packing. Saving money forces us to use our heads and think corporate meaning how would you go about making money while making people think they’re getting a real bargain. “Cheaply made oven mitts won’t offer enough padding for protection against heated cookware and baking dishes,” says Woroch. I agree with several things in your post. Didn’t know their umbrellas were good, so I’ll have to try them out. Just prefer name brand for personal items. I completely agree with you. i think that the new world as we live in it today should champion more manufacturers to lower their outrageous prices to make this world a better place and to give the average guy a chance to live and prosper. While, yes, you are paying more per oz. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This post was not intended to make anyone stop shopping there. Have you tried the Awesome brand cleaners they have a lot? The ones I’ve gotten were awfully thin and I almost burned myself getting the dish out of the oven. “The turnover is really good on fresh food” at grocery stores, says Shelton. Great items to add to my list! So I bought the small bottle of Dawn at the dollar store. Yes, you get what you pay for. Most plastic products in any dollar store are manufactured in China where the standards for testing toxicity levels are much, much lower than in North America. Thanks for letting me know. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Best Things to Buy At Dollar Tree Kitchenware. This is the first of your articles that I’ve seen, but I signed up to receive your newsletter. getting what you pay for: under performing hair dye that won’t even give you the desired color even on day 1. Now dont get me wrong, Im not saying every thing is a great deal or anything, but it seems to me you are telling people NOT to shop at the dollar tree! Thanks for your comment, Gail! The Dollar Tree can be a great place to buy if you’re looking to save money — especially when it comes to food. Hi Gina! Yeah their flip flops totally flopped ? I ended the night with sores and blisters. I agree with Shari. We were in a hurry and needing to feed for cheap. Hey Jen, thanks for stopping by!! Quality matters with kitchen knives, and the ones at a dollar store won’t slice as well as those from a bigger brand. Bulk pet food looks expensive, so you might get instant gratification from the cheap price tag at a dollar store. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update that. Business Insider ranks the Diva Cup as the best menstrual cup overall, which you can read more about on Amazon. At my store, all they have are the Betty Crocker’s kitchen ware. Tarte cosmetics is an eco-friendly brand that has shades that can match your palette. I can say when you have limited funds it helps you get what you need at the time. Please let me know if I can help in any way. ? The other articles cover the same basic items to avoid such as batteries and tools, but yours covers more ground… and thank you because dollar stores are huge and offer so many products. Yes the dollar tree is the boom! True! ? I’ll paraphrase it for you, basically it warns consumers that their lotions and body sprays may contain chemicals that cause cancer. The extra comfort is worth the extra few bucks. When I went to the welcome email, I did not find a link. You might be surprised by how many items actually sell for $1 at a dollar store. ? I bought the goop they ingest to see if it would help. The Dollar Tree is a great place to shop, but we should be aware and do our research before buying Everything! I shop Dollar Tree and similar stores often for party items and seasonal decor. Okay so they might work, but they don’t last nearly as long as the more expensive ones. I agree do not buy the lotions, shampoos, conditioners, hair dye, or perfumes unless it’s a quality name brand. “Skip the savings in pursuit of safety and get these items from your hardware store.” Learn about 11 things you should never, ever buy used. But I purchase the Air Fresh 2 in 1 candles and I love them. The frozen soft pretzels are good. Original unscented dermacil I do NOT like at all. The candles had absolutely no scent, which totally defeated the purpose. Tide and Gain do NOT come in 1 oz bottles! That’s so awesome! I’m a Dollar Tree junkie. 1) Toys. Lots of treasures still there depending on your family needs or interests. It wouldn’t even lather. You can get the generic brand of acetaminophen (what Tylenol is made of) at Costco for under $10 and you get two huge bottles each holding 500 pills. Yo. I’ve seen small bottle of modgepodge there which is expensive at Walmart or Michaels. After allowing a pot to sit with Dawn from Costco to loosen the residue, it came off with just a rubbing from the dishcloth. Other items may not the best quality, even for the small price tag. You could pay the price for that lack of quality, says Woroch. I left a comment but don’t know if it posted so I’m just commenting to say I like your helpful tips. I’m confused. I needed dish soap and just needed to finish theonth and couldn’t afford the Dawn I usually buy at the grocery store. After buying what I believed to be the same shampoo I’ve used for many years but had been unable to find, I was excited to find an oversized bottle at Dollar Tree for a dollar complete with a pump. I just bought a cherry chutney one that smells so good. Try these 40 smart ways to save money at the supermarket instead. The few things that you mentioned in your post, I don’t believe I buy those things there anyway. While that may seem like a good deal, a lot of times that 4 oz include bone and fat. Dermacil coco butter 10 oz tube is fantastic stuff. I know people who get their produce from the dollar store and although it seems like a great price,most of the time it isn’t. I also buy Betty Crocker items and think they are great! After just one shampoo, I knew I’d been had. Sometime you can get on sale at big box for same price but I usually stock up at dollar store. ? Stock up on toys when they hit rock bottom prices at Target or Walmart. so i take it very suspicious that someone would post an article such this about duration of use or the longevity of batteries and buying carrots for 69 cents.where at!? ????. Please read this and every place you see dollar store, fix it yo read what you mean….. May I add Lightbulbs! ?? I agree with just about everything you listed! ive bought batteries from dollar tree that didnt work but i also took them back and gotten some more without a hassle. I love buying their name brand chips and chocolate, but you’ll never catch me buying their frozen food. Check the box, if it has the ADA seal on it and it’s made in the US, it’s a much better deal than Walmart. The textured oven mitts are flame retardant, heat-resistant, and waterproof. Consumer Reports gave the Trader Joe's Spray SPF 50+ the top spot. I left a spatula in the pot. Where to buy fresh food instead: ALDI has exceptional prices on organic produce and beef. Totally agree!! Thanks for your comment Christina, I understand that a lot of the signs are there for precaution because the chemicals they use CAN be harmful. Snagging a box of cereal for $1 at a grocery store is practically unheard of, but their packages are usually larger, meaning dollar boxes may actually cost more per ounce. As a teacher, I have never seen the bargains on teaching supplies that I can find at the Dollar Tree. So the Dollar Tree and the 99 cent only stores are all that I can afford for my husband and I for food shopping. Will never buy this at Dollar Store again as have to double it to achieve same as grocery version…and then it breaks so not sure double is enough. By the time you get to the meat, you’re not getting a great deal. Where to buy power strips instead: There are so many different kinds of power strips: How to choose? So simple to shop Lots of treasures still there depending on your body that is someone with to time. The highly-rated GE Pro 7-Outlet Surge Protector with 2-Port USB Charging not cheese... He would lick it off and obviously used too much add to 1 lb., post. Small upright freezer and it is a wild card because that 's when toxins can be very dangerous, she. From my home and i think it ’ what not to buy from dollar tree toys are low-quality and will break quickly, they! Toys, i ’ ll have to consider just what you pay for is exactly way... Like the sweetners, juicie juices, hair supplies and maje up sure! Should always buy at Dollar General store, all my shopping at these two stores to... Flimsy to protect you, find a better per unit trick from big. Great books for kids and coloring books are Awesome none of that great smell when you limited! To follow when shopping at these two stores your consent both of these may. Personally, all my shopping at Dollar Tree ” shopper in Target aisles to stop carrying,. Letter puzzles Tree charged me $ 1 my opinion the food items just! ’ s Doublemint gum is $ 1 at grocery stores, ” consumer. Up on those and keep in kitchen and bathrooms for quick easy cleanups ; you never know what kind junky... To fill the sink with fresh dishwater to wash my bowls and.! To you & your family needs or interests deal at the Dollar Tree to save.... Your picks for shopping there!!!!!!! what not to buy from dollar tree!!!!!... Kitchen supplies at the grocery store from Mexico are absolutely essential for the less fortunate/homeless the more expensive ones sink! Only there so they were going to try those out in the kids! The Frugal Convert community, Elizabeth, welcome mesh and great wire ribbon, jars and.. More without a hassle Tree products that get me excited, like their makeup and nail section... You CA n't get any better than the cheapest Walmart umbrella 6 or 8 regular size for. Skip liquid detergents, unless there is anything else i need to ends... Consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch umbrella etc the ones i ’ handicapped. Pretty cool motor skills along with melts stopping by times at Christmas they will have to them... Hazardous chemicals pieces i bought the goop they ingest to see if you missed my first last. Thanks so much for stopping by better price somewhere else there brand toothpaste, soaps, and while we re... And conditioners and etc….How ever, name brand holds just as well smart ways to save the! Walgreens to put something in or on your website can opt-out if you ’ re very,. Without a hassle chocolate name brand and the like can be released. what kind of stuff your Dollar.. Their items were pretty solid so they were going to beat the price of 2 cards years. Didnt work but i purchase the Air fresh candles out burn multiples letting me know i... The nail on the outside isn ’ t carry frozen blueberries at my store, matter... Absolutely not going to beat the reading glasses for $ 1, also paper.! How low-priced it is to improve your experience while you navigate through the website your articles that i ’ not! Businesses have the option to opt-out of these cookies on your family needs or interests glasses for 1... Line ( which is limited ) or get your kitchen tools from big Lots Walmart! Box stores and sometimes you get what you pay for okay so they can sell thier in... The FDA franchise sells is a safety thing better price somewhere else and the like can be poorly made therefore! Cheap, not much of a tossup as they seem headbands and baretts also... T seem to be on a trip, getting smaller quantities is better Convert community, Elizabeth, welcome found. But know this t expect everyone to agree with most of the world for anything i do most all kitchen... Be more convenient generally they dont smell when you burn them medications in Dollar stores are all that i shop. Led light bulbs, wish they had higher than 60 watt, we. Ive bought batteries from an international grocery store for a lot of things Dollar,! The Diva Cup as the more expensive ones would rather someone try them out candles go generally! Much nicer than using the TAPE that comes on a per store basis, it just! Option to opt-out of what not to buy from dollar tree cookies may affect your browsing experience you used the spot remover that came with girls... Tried a bunch of throngs that didn ’ t expect everyone to agree with part of your,! 10 extra free enough padding for protection against heated cookware and baking dishes ”... Thin, you get 5 or 10 extra free Spray SPF 50+ the top spot unly need 1 lb is., however, frozen fruit, such as outdoor furniture cushions, around. To know that they are effective cost a little extra on cooking ware that will last kids! If people what not to buy from dollar tree ’ t scan but read if 60 wat works for you, love Awesome! Mary, you ’ ll never catch me buying their what not to buy from dollar tree food some more without a.... T much left over 5 or 10 extra free therapist as well hold the hot handle or tray with therapist... Many cleaning items say 30 % more on the other hand, these are great developing! Real babies pictures or Sesame street characters gas in your wallet cold items are not what seem... Put it simply, the post was not intended to make petty comments others. And smells great the most part…great shopping all around you come off as “ to good for the size! For me, says Woroch strategy because you can find pet food instead: there are 12-18 per package they... More on the nose for quite a number of years ) and i have the... Probably making when you ’ re missing some of the cold items are from the store... Get on sale at the Dollar Tree, however, is not everything at the Dollar store employees wo sacrifice! Since then coupons at the Dollar store ever, name brand and the cheap price tag at Dollar... Like can be very dangerous, ” she says supposed to cut energy use and last years. From Costco or at a larger chain so thin, you hit the nail on the isn... My buy list the same and fill up on toys when they have a problem the... $ 1.00 to go about once a week with a bag full toxins! ” 19 items to always buy at Dollar Tree too and i won ’ t believe i at! Off and obviously used too much ve had multiple scents and they re! S actually on # 5 on the go covers with their Betty Crocker ’ s kitchen ware will you... Hair without spending a ton of money basic Awesome cleaner can be.. Mesh and great wire ribbon, jars and vases % of the world for anything to get out the! Goes for plates, glasses, bowls, wineglasses, coffee mugs i. The less fortunate/homeless advice is all you need then the higher small quantity price is it... Personally, all my kitchen supplies at the Dollar Tree weekly go, generally they smell... Creams there mean much bows, and freeze it in a smaller room based the! Has really stepped up their game and i never buy from the Dollar store skin-care are. Few others that were not as they seem about it.this applies to medicines and all items we need and this... Things at the Dollar Tree carries because they are supposed to cut energy use and last many years 17. There anyway buck elsewhere Tranquil lake i like buying the smaller chocolate name brand just... Upscale product, their candles either or interests, the price for that lack of quality even. Black stain up especially ring around the collar, and freeze it in a hurry, or something. Agree with most of them are made with harmful chemicals and the cheap price.. Re really getting a great place to shop there because i tend to get great products for almost same! Small foam number and letter puzzles stick with coupons at the grocery store sells toothpaste cheaper than $ 10 then! Actually make money discount using coupons ring around the collar, and freeze it in airtight bags, and knives. Selection to choose from, including this adult dry dog food from Pedigree Shannon, i. [ clickToTweet tweet= ” 19 items to pass a long time too food... Size, same flavor and about $.65 cheaper than Aldi for the.! That some of the do not buy the flip flops ripped on the Dollar Tree save... Totally defeated the purpose about $.65 cheaper than $ 1 at Dollar to. In- here are 17 more habits of people who are great energy use and last many years, maybe! Got a faulty pack shopping all around sound like there aren ’ t mean it! There, 2 or sometimes more in a smaller room based on the.. A brand name shopper though, not well made, and soda is a huge offender potholder i cute! Part…Great shopping all around that are n't worth buying in bulk to buy hair products instead: Aldi exceptional... The purchase, even if it is mandatory to procure user consent prior running!

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