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Cook the tofu … Increase the portion size or decrease the prices. 4.65 from 28 votes. At New Bamboo Kitchen we are committed to providing you with an exceptional dining experience every time you walk through our doors. I ordered the Jungle Curry as well as the Panang Curry and in my opinion, I preferred the Panang because of the use of coconut while the Jungle does not. This restaurant serves beef or shrimp w. chinese veg., crab rangoon, scallop w. lobster sauce, baby shrimp w. cashew nuts, hot spicy shredded beef, sweet & sour shrimp, and scallops w. broccoli. They are open every day except Wednesday.... Hong Kong City Seafood Restaurant is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 1425 Park Street. How to make sweet and sour tofu. 825 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA, 94501. Which is delicious and healthy. Pour bottle of sweet & sour sauce over the top. They also serve house special, hot wings-8 w. pork or chicken fried rice, sweet and sour pork or chicken, fried... China Villa Restaurant is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 891-A Island Drive. Shake bag to coat tofu. Want to chime in? What compounded the issue is when I complained to the waitress, the reaction was nonchalant and walking away. 5pc lobster & crab, cream cheese, scallion, sweet & sour sauce. Angel Wings $6.95 Stuffed chicken wings filled with pork, crystal noodles and mushrooms. We also enjoyed the sweet and sour chicken and fried rice. Sweet and Sour Tofu. Set aside for 15-20 minutes. Kitchen of Alameda is a cornerstone in the Alameda community and has been recognized... Gim's Chinese Kitchen is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 2322 Lincoln Avenue. How To Make Your Sweet And Sour Tofu Recipe? I also love their hot and sour soup (its vegetarian, w/ egg) and their veggie egg rolls. Prepare the sauce and set aside. Typical Chinese food quality is aiiiight, but I mostly come here for the convenience, right away bite and to pack on the protein. You can also view the menu and order online. 7 8 Golden Fingers. I feel like every time I buy a pineapple for a … This restaurant serves jumbo shrimp-5 w. sweet or green plantain, shrimp w. hunan style, vegetable soup, shrimp w. snow pea pods, chicken w. szechuan sauce, plain fried rice, and house special lo mein. Garlic Tofu. © 2020 DineRank.com. $9.00. Dip each piece of tofu in the flour mixture and set aside until the oil is ready. The stir fry area is where it's at, make your bowl, take a number and it's delivered to you in 1 minute. Divide the rice onto plates, and top with the crispy sweet and sour tofu. Shake and pour over the top of the tofu & vegetables. Except for my wife who liked her dish, I would have just said to hell with this place if they don't give a damn about their customers which in reality I don't think they do. I initially hesitated to try Thai Grata, because of the odd name, and because it was in a strip mall, but overall, I am glad that I did. Farm-raised chicken tenders, house beer ale, sweet & sour sauce. Sweet and sour is a compound taste of dishes, which is widely spread in China. Print Recipe. 20 Best Chinese Restaurants In Alameda, CA. Remove from the heat. Dip your tofu … 1 Place sugar, vinegar, salt, soy sauce and pineapple juice in a small saucepan over a high heat. Lightly battered in flour then fried. $9.00. Bring to boil and then reduce to low. Sesame Tofu. They are open every day of the week. Whisk together all of the sweet and sour sauce ingredients except for the cornstarch. Kung Pao Tofu. This sweet and sour tofu is made with crispy pan-fried tofu in a tangy pineapple sauce, with red bell pepper chunks and crunchy roasted cashews. Sweet And Sour Tofu – Main Ingredients Store bought sweet and sour sauce is loaded with refined sugar, so my goal was to create a sauce that tasted very similar, but was refined sugar free. I must get a packed full of meat... China Gourmet is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 2210 S Shore Ctr. 10 6.80 Fresh Roll. I plan to return and hope that as they continue to establish themselves, those issues improve. A few minutes of cooking and the … Add beef, katsu chicken, or BBQ pork +3, add tofu +2. Whisk all the ingredients for the sweet and sour sauce (until sugar has dissolved) in a bowl and set … I was a bit suspicious when my Chinese friend told me what secret ingredient I should add to my sweet and sour tofu recipe, because at home, I just couldn't get the right taste until now. I knew that if I shared a veganized version with you all, it needed to be straight to the point. Once cooled slightly, toss the tofu … They also serve shumai, appetizers (cold), zens salad, tuna tataki, shrimp... 2328 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA, 94501. They are open every day of the week. Submit corrections. China Villa Restaurant is a cornerstone in the Alameda community and has been... Fortune Cookie is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 1540 Webster Street. Meanwhile, prepare the sauce by stirring together the orange … I love Thai food, and this place doesn't disappoint. The ingredients were very fresh and the meat was tender (which can be an issue).My only recommendations to the restaurant would be:1. The perfect balance of sweet … No forks or spoons required, just easy-to-pick-up party foods, so you … Try to drain and press the tofu in advance. We had been struggling to find a Thai restaurant since Siam Square closed (on Willow, we LOVED Siam Square) My husband and I have now eaten here twice, and I would recommend it to friends and family.The food was very fresh and flavorful. This restaurant serves spicy fish fillet or prawns, singapore rice noodles, mixed fruit w/ ice cream, three kinds of meat over tofu, pan fried whole flounder, chicken noodles soup, and fried chicken w/ japanese... China House is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 2328 Santa Clara Avenue. Tofu + veggie + carb = dinner! My soup for some reason didn't come with any tofu so my friend was a trooper and gave me some of hers and it tasted much better with the tofu and the vegetable in the sweet and sour soup. By the way the sweet and sour soup is excellent - another of my favorites when dining in. In generally, sweet and sour sauce can be applied on all kinds of meat including pork, chicken, ribs and fish. Drain the tofu and transfer 1/3 of the tofu cubes to a freezer bag with 2 tbsp of cornstarch and toss to coat. They also serve ma-po tofu with chicken, bar-b-q pork, and eggrolls. Once ready, fry the tofu for 2-3 minutes on each side, remove from pan, and let cool slightly on a paper towel to soak up the excess oil. Anyways, I stumbled onto this place from a friend of mine who recommended it. Try to bring the majority of the dishes all at the same time (We got one dish very quickly, and then 10 minutes for the rice and Pad Thai, and we would have preferred to have them come all at once).3. The minimum order of $20.00 is required for delivery. A bit more sweeter than other Thai restaurants make but I have a sweet tooth so I loved it. Genghis Khan Kitchen is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 1540 Park Street. The food was great! They are open every day of the week. You’re going to love the taste and you won’t miss all that added sugar, believe me! The food was quite delicious. https://www.lovefood.com/recipes/88798/sweet-and-sour-tofu-recipe We had sweet and sour prawns and a tofu noodle dish - they were great and full of flavor! However, I thought the portions were kind of small. Menu may not be up to date. $9.00. Use a cotton tea towel to pat it dry as best as you can. Xing Yuan Chinese Restaurant is a cornerstone... 839 Marina Village Parkway, Alameda, CA, 94501. Repeat this step with the rest of the tofu and cornstarch. Put tofu and vegetables into the Crock-Pot. The interior of the restaurant was very well decorated to look Thai. We provide online order, fast delivery and pickup service. They are open every day of the week. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. They also serve roast... Xing Yuan Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 839 Marina Village Parkway. For the lunch special my friend and I ordered Pad Thai with tofu and we got the soup that came with it! They are open every day of the week. The delivery fee is $2 in 5 miles range.... 2522 Santa Clara Avenue, Alameda, CA, 94501. All the sweet juices and syrups are mixed in with the sour vinegars and oils and then poured into a skillet with vegetables, tofu and pineapple. We only ordered 2 dishes thinking it would be enough for 2 people to share, but should have probably ordered 3. 2 In a small glass combine cornflour with 1 tablespoon water. You can also view the menu and order online. Serve it up on a fresh bed of rice like I did, or on top of some cooked veggies! The pad Thai was good it just had an oily wonton but besides that it tasted pretty good and I would probably get it again! This restaurant serves tofu soup, boston maki, *spicy avocado salad, gyu tataki, kani-ebi-su, miso soup, and vegetable tempura maki. Lack of concern or interest for a customer's opinion. I liked how you can specify the level of spiciness. Also, they offer either white or brown rice, which is a nice plus. Stir until smooth and pour into sweet and sour sauce. Now you can order food online for takeout... Harbor View Chinese Restaurant is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 891 Island Dr. Shanghai Cuisine is a restaurant located in Alameda, California at 825 Marina Village Parkway. I'm curious to try what other dishes this places serve so I will be back for sure. Each dish on our menu is prepared to order using the freshest and highest quality ingredients. There are a few approaches to making tofu … You can also view the menu and order online. There are also some well-known dishes: squirrel fish, pineapple ancient meat, sweet and sour balls and so on. ... Danish Pastry near me Singapore Chow Mei Fun near me Chipotle Chicken near me Bran Muffins near me Tofu Salad near me. Learn more about Xing Yuan Chinese Restaurant located in Alameda, CA. Also, the sweet and sour chicken was very tasty. Sweet and sour tofu, what could be more satisfying? It’s yummy, inexpensive (Costco has the best deals in my area), and filling. Garlic – adds a nice flavor balance with the sweet, salty, and sour. Fried tofu served with sweet and sour sauce. I had the red curry with tofu which was very good. Add the tofu cubes and cook until browned and crispy on one side, about 4 to 5 minutes. Method. Heat for a further 2 minutes or …

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