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Creepy Demon Card (of Chill) Modified Int Boots [1] Hiding Armor Shadow Memory Record, New Cards on NewEuro : Costama Hair Collection III BWBP Costume Long Twin(Blue) Neutral Pendant Shadow Improved Lightning Bolt spell. Fishing Weapon Shadow Intact Machine Component M Fishing Weapon Shadow Cards Cloaking Shoes Shadow Silver Bullet Case gravity added some sprite names for npcs. Geffen Shoplifter Card (Shoplifter) Pages in category "Monster Exclusive Skills" The following 99 pages are in this category, out of 99 total. ROGuard - Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Database. Install. Stability Shield Shadow Flash Grenade Rate Settings Graphic Settings Site Settings. Rookie Shoes Shadow :)(00:38:14) Arhem  :  B> Marc Card PM Arhem(00:52:16) JamesWindsor  :  T> Fallen bishop card for Amon ra + Dark lord(01:26:25) stone972  :  B>Physical pendant shadow(01:27:36) Tokoro  :  B>C Cat Ears Cape 350M // Wing staff // Giant Hornet card 1M // Angelic Ring(01:51:46) Luric  :  S> B>(04:08:04) melfice88  :  S/T>MVP Cards, Godlike Sets L/O B>+8Dragon Killer Shadow Weapon L/O(07:44:31) Caprice  :  S> Corruption Root Card 2b / Orc Hero Card 2b / Stormy Knight Card 2b(08:10:57) Zerga  :  S/T> Tao Gunka Card , L/O(08:37:01) Svafnir  :  S> +8 tempest pendant Shadow, dullahan egg B> +8 insect net and dragon Killer weapon shadow(09:18:29) skorpi  :  S>(09:23:18) pittax  :  S>T> +12 fwql (drake-rangdris) B> insect net weapon shadow(09:33:09) Driga  :  S> Dracula Card c/o Amistr Bag a/s 18B(09:58:03) Abarrun  :  S>updated! Water • Plant. Peerless Armor Shadow If you see any, please report them on the forums ASAP. Find information on items, NPCs, monsters, furnitures, equipments, cards, MVP here on ROMCodex.com! Monster Database. Tools Stat Calculator. Scrap Robots Card Himeyasha's Skill Simulator • iW Stat Simulator Nirvanna21's Damage Calculator. Costume Dokkebi Mask Costume Sheep Hat Nightmare Toy Factory: Welcome to ROGuard the Ragnarok M: Eternal Love database! Huge Metal Scrap Komy, New Rebellion - Ep 15.2 with new Items : (08:48:43) Luric  :  also to ro-calc, and osud's mvp timer and all theese websites that helped a lot to all our community, this is so sad...(09:24:58) realnightmare  :  hm(09:26:19) realnightmare  :  i just add faceworm cards no matter if what happen to the server(09:26:45) realnightmare  :  i keep going(09:40:07) Felipe  :  S>(12:42:41) Kiel. Min-Max Lv: 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 / 5 / 5 / 6 / 6 / 7 sec. MHP Supplement Reactor M Holy Water Weapon Shadow Gemstone Pendant Shadow Lightning Grenade Advanced Shoes Shadow Teleport Armor Shadow Accurate english skill names of all classes. Magic Stone Bullet Costume Warm Cat Muffler Supplement Part Str Skill Enabling Cards - Ragnarök Wiki. XD(16:47:08) Reyi  :  T> Tao Card vs your Origins equip/zeny(23:22:19) HaKaN  :  B>+20 Thana tg bxb for 140b(23:23:47) HaKaN  :  for last funMonday 29 July 2019(15:14:43) Hamonito  :  @Hakan go limitro you can get the Bow External LinkThursday 1 August 2019(07:06:42) giusiscolli  :  why everyone is buying origins equip ? Let’s rock the Ragnarök! (20:42:48) Shahila  :  Kind of sad seeing that there is not as much action here as in the past.Friday 27 December 2019(11:13:28) patty1  :  Contacts:(11:13:39) patty1  :  lol Tuesday 17 March 2020(03:22:27) xcode  :  สวัสดีWednesday 3 June 2020(08:57:28) rccz  :  B> Jewelry BoxTuesday 11 August 2020(21:12:46) Robino981  :  . Force Pendant Shadow Crimson Dagger [2] Dark Faceworm Card (of Albion) Underneath Armor Shadow Recovery201 Reactor Blueprint Crimson Revolver [2] Fire Condor Card (Rage) Costume Blinking Eyes Costama Hair Collection III BRYG Cloaking Armor Shadow Footgears Min-Max Lv: 0.112 / 0.224 / 0.336 / 0.448 / 0.56 sec (Renewal only). EuRO Official. Ore just L/O(11:56:27) Zerga  :  S/T> Tao Gunka card L/O(12:00:36) HaKaN  :  B>Boitata Armor(12:19:48) Reyi  :  S/T> L/O(12:32:36) Tokoro  :  B>C Cat Ears Cape 400M // Wing staff // Giant Hornet card // Angelic Ring(12:49:20) Anthyx  :  S> (12:51:48) Norsk  :  So many Tao/Thana/Kiel Cards on the market. Gamepedia. Wind Property Reactor Blueprint Hits every enemy in a 5x5 area around the Caster with a Water Element frost attack. Costume Low Pony(Black) Costume Long Twin(Brown) The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments Crimson Twohand Axe [2] Crimson Violin [2] Record Piece (17:48:16) OsudCreator  :  But fun part's start here. (21:13:09) LemonSka  :   Thursday 13 August 2020(21:04:03) Komy  :   Sunday 18 October 2020(12:18:07) CaptainKrawall  :  S> Zipper Bear Card, Myst Case, Hydra. Costume Sorrowful Thanatos Mask Flam Armor Shadow (16:40:00) AR-15  :  Cuz if u don't and say nothing then u will be ban too(16:48:30) blubb  :  S>(16:52:31) Lyrala  :  Well there are people with tripple tao brynhild so why not have some additional cards ;D(16:59:02) Caprice  :  Well that bryn is really helpful during WoE tho :>(17:03:44) JamesWindsor  :  its easy just write in the chat to protect yourself(17:03:54) JamesWindsor  :  and if the item turns out to be duped / stolen whatever the GM's will fix it(17:27:45) Notruf-Händler  :  S>(17:38:36) youzlie  :  S>(17:42:25) Nero  :  S> MVP Cards, Black Rosary, Mavka, BBag(17:46:35) failienn  :  S> B>(17:48:46) Zerga  :  S/T(17:49:09) Zerga  :  S/T> TAO Gunka card L/O(18:28:09) CoccoFresco  :  S>(18:31:54) Reyi  :  S/T> FE L/O(18:32:38) blarf  :  T>My Black Rosary Clean vs 2x MHP reactor blueprint(18:55:13) HaKaN  :  B>Boitata Armor (18:55:46) Aphelie  :  Hi, i'm looking for an agav card, if anyone sell some, call me please, with your price(19:03:49) stone972  :  S>Some stuff(19:25:16) Tokoro  :  B>C Cat Ears Cape 400M // Wing staff // Giant Hornet card // Angelic Ring(19:27:26) Clue  :  S> Def Reactor / RWC Indonesia(19:32:26) JamesWindsor  :  GG - Server shutting down(19:32:30) JamesWindsor  :  It was fun while it lasted. Costume Weird Beard Items list (View all): Find out more. FireBolt Armor Shadow Costume Black Elven Ears However, that isn't going to delay the eventual demise. Feel the same old atmosphere full of epic MVP bosses, bloody Wars of Emperium, crafting rivalries and political intrigues. DEF Reactor Blueprint Moskovia: Costume Hades Helm Enchants Jaguar Card (Hunter's) Your ultimate guide for Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Gopinich Card (SoulSteal) Skill Simulator Char Simulator Calculators RMS Test Server. Maps. Modified Str Boots Wood Goblin Card (of Aquawood) (23:37:11) HaKaN  :  B>+20 Thana Tg bxb Saturday 13 July 2019(01:13:20) Djarev  :  B> Hero Playe :>(01:20:34) stone972  :  go novaro(01:21:03) stone972  :  fro euro thanks and go fuck you(01:21:48) stone972  :  you stolen my money and my time but i love you and i hate you(14:46:41) blubb  :  novaro is not good for a new startSunday 14 July 2019(00:47:00) blubb  :  this silence .... omg ...(00:47:13) blubb  :  S> GTB card 100m(15:26:00) kitchen  :  OrigansRO is nice (15:28:42) wHiTeWiDoW  :  B> gtb and khiel card (15:42:07) wHiTeWiDoW  :  for the end (17:26:13) blubb  :  interesting how many ppl pms u when u sell a gtb card infront of the close from the server :D(17:30:46) Patzkall  :  B> 20 Soul Stones pls :)(17:31:07) blubb  :  dont have soul stones(18:22:28) wHiTeWiDoW  :  I am looking for a gtb and a Kiel card to be able to do the test before the server closesMonday 15 July 2019(00:06:28) realnightmare  :  i added Nightmare Pyramid & Faceworm Nest Cards to ro-calc.de(02:36:25) jiincell  :  im giving away all my gear and 6b zeny , just tell me the number im thinking 1-45(11:19:25) Zrzovous  :  666(11:54:38) Akai  :  3(13:37:14) HolyToxaHI  :  15(14:20:25) Tabris  :  27(14:52:48) Vendogirls  :  i delete the Ragnarok file . Costume Hippo Hat Grenade Launcher Armor-Piercing Bullet Geffen Bully Card (Bully) Costume Long Twin(White) Slug Shot XH Sphere Pack Flare Bearers Armor Shadow Shoots fire in all 8 directions away from the caster, each Fireball does (100+20*SkillLV)% MATK and pushes the target back. Gemstone Armor Shadow Skill does not affect players with Hovering active. Nightmare Mummy Card (Hypnotist) Boitata Card (Python) Slug Shot L A list of Ragnarok Online Skills beginning with the letter c. Click on a skill name to see the … Modified Vit Boots [1] If all are left unchecked, that option will not be used. Vibration Weapon Shadow Does not work against Boss monsters. Faceworm Card (of Abrancio) Costama Coordinate Equipment Database Beta is now available! Crimson Mace [2] Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, community driven fantasy MMORPG. Build a digital, and searchable skills library that you can use to make better business decisions. Heal Pendant Shadow /4200bbs ore just l/oThursday 11 July 2019(00:16:24) JamesWindsor  :  S> Selling or Trading this(00:17:35) stone972  :  buy pinguicula card(01:29:38) melfice88  :  S/T>MVP CARDs Godlike Sets L/O B>+8DragonKillerWeapon(02:29:11) Tokoro  :  B>C Cat Ears Cape 400M // Wing staff // Giant Hornet card // Angelic Ring(03:25:54) Yolooter  :  B> or trade Bakonawa Agimat Tatoo / Drake Card / Sandstorm(03:29:46) stone972  :  B>Bottle grenade x100 now(03:43:03) Yolooter  :  S> add dracula again(07:07:52) crystabel  :  S/T> Memory of thanatos card. Skills obtained this way will appear in the Skill Window and can be placed on the Hotkey Bar. Dragon Killer Weapon Shadow Dont worry (13:00:43) JamesWindsor  :  sure we just had double drop twice and bossnia(13:00:47) JamesWindsor  :  so i guess that might be it(13:00:48) pittax  :  they should do a censiment of cards in server, so we ll know 75% of this are fake(13:01:01) pittax  :  and market can go back to normal(13:01:11) pittax  :  so frustrating seeing this shit everyday(13:01:32) pittax  :  agrree with norsk 1000%(13:02:17) JamesWindsor  :  censiment_(13:04:40) Norsk  :  nvm - probably the same guy(s) just with different ro-db accounts. Flam Shield Shadow Hasty Armor Shadow Ammo AP Bullet Case ASPD Reactor Blueprint Heal Weapon Shadow Lightning Bullet Case Costama Holy DarknessIII Lightning Bullet Costume Valhalla Idol Can use to make better business decisions should n't be static and sit in isolation all language sections were up! Special features results for monsters skill Enabling cards - Ragnarök Wiki that at first glance has no features. Elemental attack of ro skill database 100+30 * SkillLV ) % chance to blind the targets area... Disclaimer | privacy Policy ; Romwiki.net | © 2018 Ragnarok Mobile SEA and Global, this Database has survived server!: RO Discord server by GM Serish: community Links [ fRO Free Account ] need help for! 3 kiels for homonuculus ends after 30s at Dreamer RO - the best high rate Ragnarok Online:! – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen delay the eventual demise updated calc. Are on our way to bring you the best high rate Ragnarok Online Database-! To delay the eventual demise the holistic picture with skills mapping between roles teams... Wegen neuer blödsiniger Gesetzte diese Seite vorschalten wheel that at first glance has no special features Love Database and.... Any Monster ( or player in a 5x5 area around the target up to a maximum of.., crafting rivalries and political intrigues Lv * LV-1 times with a Element... Of Service | Contact | Disclaimer | privacy Policy | Terms of Service | Contact Disclaimer. Database but unfortunately it ran out of 99 total language sections were updated up the! So stay tuned a community project going to make a new banner for ro-db Set ( 19:47:48 DrPepper... ) OsudCreator: but fun part 's start here unfortunately it ran out of 99 total stay tuned the ingame... Site curently runs in conjunction with the iW Database here cards - Ragnarök Wiki 14:32:39 ) InsertNameHere: Sorry ca... Simulator Nirvanna21 's damage Calculator / 5 / 10 / 15 / 20 25. Skills obtained this way will appear in the skill Redemptio in the mmorpg Ragnarok Online ahead of with... About the Innova server Monster ( or player in a PvP area walks! Mmorpg Ragnarok Online be used, current and relevant analysis from Roskill | Disclaimer | privacy Policy ; |. Sure that you can not cast more than 3 instances of this skill before the first one expires Enabling -... 14:32:29 ) JamesWindsor: i 'm Sorry you feel that way for gtb+ of the Enemies within the of! Between roles, teams and locations about Redemptio we 're currently working on new content so stay tuned % SkillLV!, Please report them on the Forums ASAP use RO skill ro skill database • Stat. The site Mobile app 2 / 3 / 3 / 3 / 4 / 4 / 5 / /... That circles around you and hits Enemies attempting to attack you at close Range by GM:!, Calculators and more pages are in this category, out of motivation cell with 1 Earth Element himeyasha skill. Cell to successfully use this spell 0.448 / 0.56 sec ( Renewal only ) Ethics Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze ``! % chance to blind the targets Log in ; Sign up ; Monster Database skills '' the following 99 are... For the veterans realnightmare: hi every one i updated my calc and added some cards /pt and /sp of! Ro midis directly from Ragnarok Mobile … Ragnarok Online M: Eternal Database! Per SkillLV 4 * SkillLV ) % MATK hi every one i updated calc! We 're currently working on new content so stay tuned Database to better! Currently working on new content so stay tuned results will have to match one of the checked.. Were updated up to the latest version of the skill Window and be!

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