renault scenic bonnet catch wont close

I have a 2003 renault scenic and when i close the boot it wont catch and is therefore always open, and opens when i go - Answered by a verified Renault Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Snap last sliding buckle 6 into the red catch 7. Click buckle 4 into black catch 5. We have a Renault Megane Scenic (new shape) and I am trying to find out how to open the bonnet. I opened my bonnet and it was fine. 2004 Renault Scenic - Bonnet release catch stuck, I'd appreciate any help! Anyone point me in the right direction. 2004 Renault Scenic - Bonnet release catch stuck, I'd appreciate any help! Oh yeah, the manual has been lost! Nevertheless, this page will build into a catalogue of real world problems (and possible solutions), discovered by other Scenic owners. Come Monday I'd phone Renault UK and see if yours has been recalled and replaced in the past . When i pull the catch under the glove box there is no click or anything like there is on usual cars. If the cable had snapped wouldn't it close properly but not open? The release undoes the bonnet a fraction but the gap is so narrow that i can't feel the secondary release under the bonnet. Renault megane bonnet release cable installation quick short video. The pull lever on passenger side seems slack too. Archived. See how to open the hood on your 2003 Renault Megane Authentique 1.5L 4 Cyl. Bonnet release not opening correctly. No car is perfect, of course, there are far too many moving parts that wear out and go wrong, although the Scenic seems more reliable than most (see the Guestbook for ringing endorsements). My 2003 megane's bonnet is a real pain in the ass to open. First of all I'd keep soaking it in WD40 , try pulling the cable gently as it's being soaked , it might free it up a little bit . Boot won't close? I opened my Renault megane scenic's boot and when I came to close it the catch would'nt lock. 4 4. Here's an image of the catch in question, complete with a drawing to show which side of the mechanism I can access behind the grill! Renault Clio II (1998 - 2001) - bonnet problems.. One of those things you hear about, but rarely see, until today - white W reg Clio on the side of the road with the bonnet wrapped around the windscreen. There has been 2 official Renault recalls to replace the bonnet catches . I think it has slipped into the locked position but I can't work out how to unlock it as the car won't lock because of the boot not being secure. Popping the hood on a requires you to release the latch inside your 2003 Renault Megane Authentique 1.5L 4 Cyl. Sounds like your bonnet catch has rusted . Turbo Diesel with this free video. It won't close at all, tried being a little rough with it but no change. Post by iand123 » Sun Nov 15, 2009 11:20 am . F9q 732 engine (118 pages) ... you can pass the belt through belt guide 3. Turbo Diesel and then a secondary latch in front Renault Scenic Problems. Renault scenic automobile handbook (198 pages) Automobile Renault 2000 Megane Technical Note. Upon closing it the pull catch part holds on but the bonnet still lifts up a little and i'm sure this is wrong! Posted by 5 years ago. Seen this on Watchdog, apparently the bonnet catches don't catch and one day, wallop! Close. Currently Drives:: Renault Megane Privilege.

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